Kea Farm

Kea Farm is one of most popular shopping destinations in Cameron Highlands, located 3km after Brinchang town. While mostly an agricultural district, the center of activity lies in a day market next to the main road, just before Equatorial Resort. Every morning till evening, traders and farmers sell their crops here to visitors and locals alike. Flowers, ornamental plants, souvenirs and handicrafts are other products sold in the market besides fruits and vegetables. On holiday weekends and national festivals, the road that leads past Kea Farm Market may be cluttered with cars parked (or parking) along the sides, causing a massive jam that stretches all the way to town.

Stawberry Farms

Strawberry farms are immensely popular attractions at Cameron Highlands, as visitors are fascinated with the idea of dainty fruits of temperate origin growing on local soil. The cold climate makes it suitable for cultivating strawberries all-year-round; some of the harvest ends up at supermarkets and grocers across Malaysia and Singapore, but much is snatched up by tourists. You can find many strawberry farms around Tanah Rata, Brinchang and Kea Farm, but a minimum purchase is often required (conveyed by self-plucking) to see the actual farm. Consequently, growing strawberries is one of Cameron highland's most important economic sources and activities.

Arked Peladang

Multi Crops Central Market is a tourist shopping complex situated by the main road about 1km after Brinchang town, or 2km before Kea Farm. Catering mostly as a one-stop shopping center for visitors, the complex sells a mixed bag of popular highland products, including flowers, tea, ornamental plants, strawberries, souvenirs and handicrafts. The arrangement of Central Markt is even like a small indoor park, complete with benches, fountains, a landscaped garden (that doubles up as a nursery), translucent awning (back portion, for natural lighting), and even a cafe that sells pastries and drinks. The market opens daily from 9am to 6pm.

Bee Farm

Bee farms are a novelty for visitors in Cameron Highlands, allowing them to see how local honey is cultivated. There are three bee farms; Highlands Apiary Farm in Habu, Ringlet; Ee Feng Gu at Kea Farm, Brinchang; and Tringkap Bee Farm. Often, these farms combine some form of activity or attraction to make their places more interesting, rather than just watching bees buzz around. Ee Feng Gu has landscaped their farm into a colourful park and shopping center complete with giant bee statues, small museum, cafe and maze section for children. Highlands Apiary has a flower nursery while the Tringkap Bee Farm has a strawberry patch and vegetable stalls.

Time Tunnel

Time Tunnel is a local museum dedicated to preserving the historical memory and cultural heritage of Cameron Highlands. Located in Brinchang, the museum occupies a basement within Kok Lim Strawberry Farm, perched next to the main road 2km after town or 3km before Kea Farm. The 1,000 odd exhibits are the private collection of See Kok Shan, a Cameron local with a penchant for vintange items and memorabilia. Having acummulated much junk over years of domestic travel, See partnered with the owner of Kok Lim Strawberry Farm to open Time Tunnel - a way of sharing his treasure trove and memories with visitors from all walks of life.

Rose Centre

The Rose Center is a flower garden in Kea Farm, about 3km away from Brinchang town. Visitors can reach this tourist attraction by following the road that leads through Kea Farm Market, right until you see the Rose Center at the side of the road. Walking up the steps, visitors will pass through gardens perched along the slopes of the small hill. Near the top, another pathway leads to a hill peak with views of the surrounding landscapes and vegetable fams. The Rose Center also retails baby plants, cactus and gardening materials at a small shop near the ticket counter. Tickets in are priced MYR5 for adults and MYR2 for children. It's open daily from 8am to 6pm.

Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden is one of two such adjoining parks in Kea Farm along the main road to Tringkap, 3km after Brinchang town or 7km from Tanah Rata, and a stone's throw away from Equatorial Resort. One of Cameron Highland's oldest tourist attractions; it's essentially a garden enclosure built along a hill slope, filled with free-flying butterflies and strange insects displayed in aquariums. The park also has a tortoise pen, scorpion pond, reptile exhibits, mini insectarium and a small zoo section (mostly domestic animals). Open daily, tickets are MYR5 per adult and MYR2 for children; a garden caretaker kindly gives visitors a free guided tour when available.

Cactus Valley

The Cactus Valley is the combination of a large garden, farm and nursery; a tourist attraction that highlights not just cactus plants, but Cameron Highland's agricultural and botanical industry. Perched on a hill overlooking Brinchang town, the park can be reached quicky on foot. From the main road, turn left when you see Star Regency Resort, which is just before the Brinchang night market site (opposite police station). Follow the road until you see the signboard at right to Cactus Valley; a quick but steep uphill climb later and the entrance will greet you. Open daily from 8am to 6pm, tickets are MYR4 per adult and MYR2 for children.

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