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Outdoor Activities

    Mountain Hiking
If you're fit and love nature, a trip to the mountains should be on the agenda. The peaks offer magnificent views of the highlands. Maps are available for the more common routes and you can find these at local shops or tour operators. The most popular mountains are Gunung Brinchang, and Gunung Beremban, Gunung Jasar (In Tana Rata). For the more adventurous there are other less well-known mountains but a guide is recommended on these journeys.
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    Jungle Trekking
Jungle trekking is one of the most popular activities in Cameron Highlands, especially in Tanah Rata where many trailheads can be accessed conveniently from near town. Most of these trails lead up to the peak of mountains, the difficulty depending on the length, terrain and weather conditions. Each path is officially tagged with a number, and this can be viewed from any of the tourist maps of Cameron Highlands sold in town. On any these trails, visitors can hope to see some of Malaysia's exciting wildlife, including animals such as colourful birds, shy monkeys, squirrels and a myriad of insects. The highland forest environments are also worthy sights on their own.
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    Orang Asli
The Orang Asli are Malaysia's indigenous people, the aborigines and natives of the land. They are a diverse collection of tribes; each with a unique language, subtle nuances in physical appearance and occupying different localities across Peninsular Malaysia. What all share in common is a culture intrisically tied to the rainforest environment - Their livelihoods are sustained by its harvests; in hunting, fishing, collecting and farming. In the Cameron Highlands, most of the Orang Asli come from the Temiah tribe. These people live mostly in villages and settlement areas stretching from the foothills of Tapah all the way up to Brinchang.
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    Lata Iskandar
Lata Iskandar is one of the favourite attractions in Cameron Highlands. It is a ideal place for picnic, relax yourself and have a enjoyable family day. The waterfall is located halfway between Tapah and Cameron Highlands.
lata-iskandar-shopping  lata-iskandar-waterfall  fish-traps  keropok     

    Robinson Falls
The Robinson Falls is a waterfall about 2km away from Tanah Rata town. At the T-junction next to the bus station, turn right to a road that leads past Century Pines Resort and a large field. Just before the road ends, take another right turn which ends at a small row of houses; left is where a small bridge starts over a drain that leads to Robinson Falls. The jungle walk winds for about 10 minutes before the waterfall greets you; visitors may notice the waters emitting a strong stench - This is the result of farming activities polluting the river that feeds Robinson Falls from upstream. After a quick photo, you can head back or proceed further on the jungle walk.
robinson-falls  robinson-jungle-walk  robinson-river  robinson-trail     

    Parit Falls
Parit Falls is a recreational forest park with a small waterfall area, located at the turn-off into Kampung Sedia from the main road between Tanah Rata and Brinchang. An alternative entrance leads from behind Century Pines Resort at Tanah Rata town, but requires a short jungle walk that lasts for about 8 minutes. While the park has excellent visitor infrastructure, including ample car parking, playgrounds, tiled footpaths, benches and even restrooms, the river that meanders through the forest is terribly polluted. The highlight of the park, a small waterfall that feeds into a large pool, is littered with rubbish and resembles a monsoon drain.
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